Обзор самых удачных ссылок за неделю. Выпуск № 212 от 28.07.2018

Обзор самых удачных ссылок (Top links) за неделю

Выпуск № 212 от 28.07.2018

Вниманию предлагается выходящий в свет каждую субботу бюллетень ссылок о любительском радио во всём мире, с обзором наиболее удачных из них за истекшую неделю. Еженедельный электронный бюллетень публикует ссылки на наиболее уместные новости, проекты, технологии и события, происходящие в радиолюбительской жизни.


Полезным может стать для каждого радиолюбителя.


Удачного просмотра!


Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 212 July 28th, 2018

Top links

Significant changes in store for FT8 and MSK144
Enhanced versions of the MSK144 and FT8 protocols will extend the message payload to 77 bits.
ISS SSTV activation July 30-31
The Russian cosmonauts on the International Space Station are expected to activate amateur radio Slow Scan Television (SSTV) transmissions.
Why wire diameter is important 
The larger the cross-sectional area of the conductor, the more electrons are available to carry the current.
3D printed Arrow II portable satellite antenna clips
WI9LL has designed clips for use with the Arrow II Portable hand held satellite antenna.
Operating tips for VHF SOTA
I’ve been using VHF and higher frequencies for SOTA exclusively and have activated over 100 summits in Colorado and other states.
FCC proposes $18,000 fine for Ham in interference case
"Given his history as a repeat offender, these apparent violations warrant a significant penalty."
A visit to the home of FreeDV and codec2
I knew I was in the right place when the squid pole supporting a corner dipole came in to view.
America's only AM HD station.
The SWLing Post
Is your repeater ID boring? Try something like this.
If your repeater ID is getting a little stale, perhaps this will give you some ideas on how to freshen it up a bit.
Receiving astronaut Amateur Radio conversations with an RTL-SDR
If you live in an area that can 'see' the ISS at the same time as the school then you can easily pick up the downlink.
Send APRS data/telemetry via Xastir command line
You can do it all via RF if your Xastir setup is already paired to the radio and configured to transmit.
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