Обзор самых удачных ссылок за неделю. Выпуск № 205 от 02.06.2018

Обзор самых удачных ссылок (Top links) за неделю

Выпуск № 205 от 02.06.2018

Вниманию предлагается выходящий в свет каждую субботу бюллетень ссылок о любительском радио во всём мире, с обзором наиболее удачных из них за истекшую неделю. Еженедельный электронный бюллетень публикует ссылки на наиболее уместные новости, проекты, технологии и события, происходящие в радиолюбительской жизни.

Полезным может стать для каждого радиолюбителя.

Удачного просмотра!


Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 205 June 2nd, 2018

Top links

Digital HF voice: FreeDV 700D released
Digital really does handle some nasty fading, and it really does work better than SSB in many cases.
Simple 1:1 Choke Balun
This is a very simple 1:1 Choke Balun for portable operation.
The spreading ‘eHam disease’
I’ve written before about the eHam policy of protecting the raving insane posts of a click of forum trolls.
D-Star QuadNet Array
You can Group Route to any Smart Group, whether you are operating from your home, or you are operating a mobile rig.
The Mission RGO ONE: A new 50 watt all mode HF transceiver
The idea of this project was inspired by old TEN-TEC radios with 9MHz IF – their perfect analogue design and crystal crisp audio both CW and sideband.
The SWLing Post
Radials mitigate feedline and mast currents, tests reveal
This suggests radials of 1/4 and 3/4 wavelength do a good job of immunizing the antenna from circumstances that might encourage RF currents down the mast or coax. Radials of 1/12 wavelength do nothing.
Ham Radio . Magnum Experimentum
Long delayed echo on 50Mhz 6m
Initially I didn’t know what it was, and I still don’t know why it was. If nothing else it was extremely interesting, so I’m sharing this short article about a Long Delay Echo (LDE).
HF Ham Radio on a budget
This should come in around $100-150USD. If you simply don’t want to do Morse code, there’s the option of the BITX40, a very inexpensive HF SSB rig that runs on 40 meters.


N1SPY chases mini satellites on a budget
Using $25 worth of equipment to chase signals from cubesats which are the size of a coffee can. 
VK2TPM on FreeDV 700D
We could barely hear each other in Single Side Band mode but FreeDV 700D is pretty good once your ear gets used to it.