Обзор самых удачных ссылок за неделю. Выпуск № 203 от 12.05.2018

Обзор самых удачных ссылок (Top links) за неделю

Выпуск № 203 от 12.05.2018

Вниманию предлагается выходящий в свет каждую субботу бюллетень ссылок о любительском радио во всём мире, с обзором наиболее удачных из них за истекшую неделю. Еженедельный электронный бюллетень публикует ссылки на наиболее уместные новости, проекты, технологии и события, происходящие в радиолюбительской жизни.

Полезным может стать для каждого радиолюбителя.

Удачного просмотра!


Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 203 May 12th, 2018

Top links

Shortwave Trading: The West Chicago Tower Mystery
I recently stumbled onto the first evidence of shortwave trading at a site in West Chicago, Illinois and then used Federal Communications Commission (FCC) database research techniques to find two more sites.
Sniper In Mahwah & friends
2018 State of the Hobby Results
The results are in!
State of the Hobby
6m Moxon antenna
The SWR figures predicted are pretty much spot on, with a dip right around 51250.
FreeDV 700D vs Analog Comparison
A comparison between Analog SSB and the new FreeDV 700D mode, over an HF channel (40m, late at night), with the same transmit power (~100W PEP).
Mark Jessop
Nixie LED Clock
I built an alternative clock using a 3D printer and laser cutter.
The Boris Beacon
A 1mW solar-powered HiFER beacon.
Radio receiver ‘listens’ for dark matter particles
We’ve built a radio that looks for a radio station, but we don’t know its frequency.
Parity Act language inserted in National Defense Authorization Act
The bill now awaits House floor action. The Senate will begin its markup of the NDAA during the week of May 21.
OLED GPS display on Arduino with a little C++
I've written a little code to read the $4.10 GPS and display a bit of info on a small OLED display using the excellent Adafruit library.
marxy's musing on technology


Receiving Radio New Zealand in Santa Cruz, CA on a Hallicrafters S-38
What Radiohead sounds like from 6,500 miles away on a 62 year old shortwave radio.
4m parrot repeater
Testing GB7FM 4m simplex repeater, fondly known as the Tring Parrot.