Обзор самых удачных ссылок за неделю. Выпуск № 192 от 03.02.2018

Вниманию предлагается выходящий в свет каждую субботу бюллетень ссылок о любительском радио во всём мире, с обзором наиболее удачных из них за истекшую неделю. Еженедельный электронный бюллетень публикует ссылки на наиболее уместные новости, проекты, технологии и события, происходящие в радиолюбительской жизни.

Полезным может стать для каждого радиолюбителя.

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Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 192 February 3rd, 2018

Top links

AM Rally this weekend
The purpose of this event is to encourage the use of Amplitude Modulation on the Amateur Radio bands.
ARRL Grid Chase totals mapped
The IGC Grid Totals map visualizes the number of ARRL Grid Chase QSOs per grid square. 
How Amateur Radio played a role in the Hawaii emergency response
While an official retraction from emergency officials of the alert did not come until 38 minutes had elapsed, amateur radio operators were able to confirm within 13 minutes that the Hawaii EAS alert was false.
Radio World
FCC Enforcement: A call to action
In recent months on 40M and 80M, there has been a concern by many Amateur Radio operators regarding certain individual's operating behavior, specifically on 7.200 MHz and 3.822 MHz.
ARRL again calls for action on symbol rate limits
Introduced in 1980 the symbol rate restriction has crippled the development of innovative data modes in the United States and amateurs have been trying to get it scrapped for decades.
Low-power local radio rises
A knowledge of geography is essential if you are running a tiny, 100-watt radio station. For a low-power FM radio station, anything measurable in miles is good.
New York Times
Inaudible tones in commercials to prevent triggering Alexa
Here's why Alexa won't light up during Amazon's Super Bowl ad.
Bloomberg Technology
Ham turns up undead NASA mission
NASA lost contact with its IMAGE satellite in 2005, but it may still be operating.
Ars Technica
Sticker shock: CW keys cost too much, or do they?
My goodness, straight key manufacturers are gouging us aren't they?
Ham Radio QRP


Our ARISS contact
How I got involved with a helping a school talk to an astronaut on the ISS.
Space Comms

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