Еженедельный Бюллетень с самыми удачными ссылками. Выпуск № 142 от 14.01.2017

Перед Вами, выходящий в свет каждую субботу, Бюллетень № 142 от 14 января 2017 года, с обзором наиболее удачных ссылок. Он включает в себя самую различную тематику о любительском радио во всём мире. Этот еженедельный электронный бюллетень содержит ссылки на наиболее уместные новости, проекты, технологии и события, происходящие в радиолюбительской жизни. Будет интересен и полезен всем радиолюбителям.


Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 142 January 14th, 2017

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Winter Field Day should bring two worlds together
Deliberately stepping away from a comfortable home operating position to practice ham radio in poor conditions is not an idea too many amateurs find appealing, yet it is a situation that radio amateurs should be familiar with before it actually happens.
Off Grid Ham
5 Reasons to get an Amateur Radio (Ham) License
Amateur (Ham) radio is a service and a hobby. People use it every day as a means of communication around town and around the world.
Average Guy Tech
My TenTec Eagle sounds better than my Elecraft KX3
The KX3 is more fatiguing to listen to than the Eagle because it presents more noise in the audio.
Ham Radio QRP
Remote Ham Radio operation through a Raspberry Pi
I set up remote operation on my ham radio through a Wifi network, over a VPN, and around the world using a Raspberry Pi.
Standard Thoughts
Why even good antennas need good coax cable
The difference is noticeably audible and can bee seen in the spectrum.
Bonito Newsroom
WxBot: An APRS weather forecast auto responder
Send an APRS message to WXBOT and receive back a weather forecast for your location.
PyQSO: A logging tool for Amateur Radio Operators on Linux
PyQSO provides a simple graphical interface through which users can manage information about the contacts/QSOs they make with other operators on the air.
hamClock for OS X
Displays your local time, UTC time, and ID timer.


The Art of Making a Nixie Tube
I discovered nixie tubes in 2011 and since then, I've devoted all my time to studies of nixie tubes and its manufacturing processes.
Dalibor Farny
120 watt foldable solar panel setup
Today we setup the PowerFilm 120 Watt Foldable Solar Panel and Sunsaver 10 solar controller in the field and made a contact on the 20 meter band.
How to use a multimeter
Digital multimeters are indispensable tools that allow you to analyze circuits and diagnose problems in your electrical design.
SparkFun Electronics
Ham Radio smartphone
An Android smartphone with built in VHF or UHF transmitter.
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